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rachel brown

About Rachel

Rachel is an Advanced Pilates Instructor, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor. She is also a qualified instructor in Indoor Cycling, Body Conditioning, Suspension Training and Kettle Bells. She is currently working in the Corporate Wellness Sector. She is a keen cyclist and triathlete. She has a particular interest in getting people exercising in a safe, informed and fun environment. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities.

About our Classes

Our classes are designed by a personal trainer and a physiotherapist and are suitable for all levels of ability

The Rehab Rooms Studio is comfortable, modern and well equipped. Class sizes are kept small (maximum of 10 people) to ensure individual attention. Technique will be checked throughout and the exercises will be tailored to your abilities and specific needs.

Each class is carefully designed so that you are working all muscle groups. We will ensure that when you join a class you will start at a level that is appropriate for you and you will progress accordingly. Therefore the classes are suitable whether you are starting to exercise after a break, returning from injury, maintaining fitness, or want to progress to the next stage with your fitness goals.

Class Schedule


18:30Pilates Level 1

19:30 – Pilates Level 2




18:30Pilates Level 1

19:30 – Pilates Level 2


09:30Pilates Fusion

10:30Pilates Level 1

11:30 – Rehab Pilates

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Email: info@rehabrooms.ie

Phone: 01 430 5634, Mon-Fri 9:30pm to 5pm