I have not registered for an account and I want to book a class or buy a package

  • Please choose the style of class you would like to book from the column on the left and scroll down to book a single class or package.
  • Fill in details as prompted and proceed to pay and schedule your class. Once you have paid, please use the register now tab to set yourself up on the system with a password. This will ensure you will not have to re-enter your details when you are booking again.
  • If booking a package and there are certain dates you can not make, you can still choose the recurring button and remove the unwanted spots after you choose Add times. So for instance, if you are away for 2 of the weeks, choose to book 10 recurring spots and delete 2.

  1. Choose your start date
  2. Choose the time slot for your class
  3. Choose recurring if you are booking more than one class
  4. Set quantity at 1
  5. Choose the number of times – if you are going to miss a class, include this in the number of times – you will get a chance to remove it when you add times below.
  6. Add times
  7. Make sure you scroll down to select Forms, Code and Notes. If you have a credit it will appear when you click in the box.